The Micro Miniature Laboratory – 3-1/2 inches wide


The Micro Miniature Laboratory is about 3-1.2 inches wide…



It is filled with lab equipment made from watch parts and beads and bits from the bead store.


This is the box before it was furnished, with a penny to show the scale

  MicroMiniBurnerBottle MicroMiniCabinetGlobe2 MicroMiniLabTable 


Bugle beads make great test tubes and clear glass beads of varying sizes can be beakers.

A square metal charm with short nails makes a laboratory table



Small beading bits are excellent lampshades


And a screw and  bolt with bits from a watch make a good industrial laboratory sink


Here’s a close-up of the left side, with a ladder charm


Here’s the back lab bench



And here’s a closeup of the right side


And here’s the Micro Miniature Laboratory at Night!

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