The Miniature Laboratory and Museum – Berkeley

The very first Miniature Natural History Museum was made as a stage set for an iMovie and still exists in Berkeley on Amador Ave

MartimeMuseumSigh  Compasses2

There are compasses that are smaller than dimes, and minerals and scales

Rocks&Compasses   Rocks&Scales

And there are micro viewing bottles and small vials of mysterious substances from ‘Ago’

MiniarureCompasses MiniatureBottleDisplays

And there are butterflies and bell jars with several specimens

LargeButterflies  TinyDomes

Along with some views of birds of the world…

EggsDisplay    BigBirdsCornerShot


And here are a couple of new acquisitions which will be coming to the Iowa City Museum:  A book of Natural History that is smaller than a quarter, and a small Chemistry Chart!

NaturalHistoryBookCover NaturalHistoryBookOpen-ChemChart


In another corner of the Berkeley Studio, there is this closed cabinet with the mysterious knobs—P and N, possibly for Paris and New York whose nocturnal images are painted on the doors.


Inside are two levels, each with a miniature light over the desk


The top level is the very first miniature laboratory, with many kinds of special blown glass, microscopes, a telescope, and bottles of chemicals.


The lower level is the scholar’s study, with a globe, chess set, miniature stereoscope, artist’s kit, box of cigars, and many different printed books including the Rights of Women in French on it’s own stand.



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