Tiny Experiments in the Miniature Laboratory

IMG_0841Five girls came to visit the Miniature Museum and Laboratory Today – Nora, Alice, Willa, May and Stella with Moms, Katie Roche and Kelly Smith, who also brought Iris, Willa’s little sister.  We did some walking around the miniature Museum with tiny shoes on little fingers.

Then we proceeded to the Laboratory and decided to do the Color Organ Experiment – to show the different acidity or alkaline properties of liquids.




We put on SAFETY GLOVES and GOGGLES to be extra safe!

Then we set up the Test Tubes with various liquids:

TesttubeA  TesttubeB

TesttubeC  TesttubeD  TesttubeE

NowWeAddDropsOfAnthro-  CabbageWithSign

Drops of Anthocyanin was added to the large test tubes first!



The girls added Anthocyanin to each set of 5 test tubes, the full size, mini size, and micro mini size.  All the results came out the same, with a spectrum from red to light greenish yellow!


GreenFoamSink3   MicroMiniTubes1


Then we looked at the miniature slides with the magnifier:


Then we tried to see if blue vinegar and yellow dyed baking soda would make green foam.  It did!  We did it with the miniature glass beaker

MiniatureGreenFoam2  MiniatureGreenFoam

Then everyone had a try over the sink:


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, BTW!

The girls also made some miniature dioramas…




The miniature Laboratory set is closing down for the night—we hope to see you all on Thursday and Friday of this week at The Iowa Imagination Station from 10 to 12 am!


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