The Scissortail Flycatcher

Debra attempted a very small scale replica of the wonderful Scissortail Flycatcher spotted at Sand Lake in late April.  You can gauge the scale against the Sharpie.  The state bird of Oklahoma, it was rare to see a scissortail flycatcher so far North.  We saw a solitary bird, but the bird books say they usually travel in “large, bickering flocks” when they migrate.  Perhaps this one just had enough of the bickering, already!  We are creating a habitat for it now.

ScissortailFlycatcher!  ScissortailFlycatcher2  ScissortailFlycatcher3

The Flycatcher has a remarkable long tail, and when it rises to fly, there is a flash of gorgeous bright orange-pink soft feathers under the wings..

22_Scissor-tail   Scissor-tailed_Flycatcher_RWD7


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