Diorama Party in Progress….

Emily and Angie were able to work on the pond and layout for the large Serengeti diorama, where we are experimenting with the water pond effects (not yet shown) used by expert model railroad folks…

PuttingOaisisIntoSerengeti  Serengeti2
Apparently bouncing on Emily’s back helps Angie come up with brilliant design solutions!   Angie worked on some smaller dioramas of polar bears and the hedgehog family.


Angie is also at work on a fabulous confrontation between a wild boar and an American badger, while Emily is creating a new design top-down diorama showing two lynx having a territorial stand off in tall grass.  Photos of the finished dioramas to come.


At one point, a meerkat had to be pried from the jaws of the hippo, but both have lived to tell the tale…


We had a wonderful final walk on our secret path off of Clear Creek Trail, where the fallen log bridge is a highlight.  We will resume our diorama parties in the fall when Debra returns from California.

.ClearCreekTrail LogBridge1 LogBridge2

Xin wasn’t able to come that day as she was in the throes of final’s week, but she was there in calm and wonderful spirit.


With fun and warmest greetings from all the Diorama Divas of the Miniature Museum!




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