The Miniature Specimen Room

Tiny bookshelves with little books……..And a corridor in with bell jars awaiting their exhibits.


Corridor_Specimens  GlassBellJars

Inside the Specimen Room, tiny cases of butterflies and chiffoniers of minerals and shells.

SpecimanRoom2A   SpecimanRoom1

And cabinets with doors holding mineral and shell specimens.

MiniatureNaturalHistoryMuseum-Minerals-3       MiniatureNaturalHistoryMuseum-Shells2

The tiniest specimen cabinets have itty bitty drawers smaller than a matchbook.


The butterflies were carefully cut from photographs of real butterflies printed on vellum.

ButterflyCabinet-3      ButterflyDrawer-3

The Specimen cabinet of eggs, shells and minerals,

EggShellTrays      SMallThingsCabinetDrawers

each drawer is roughly the width of a quarter.  We made the eggs ourselves…and the shells are the smallest we could find.

EggsDrawer      ShellsDrawer

We have attempted to identify the minerals and rocks, and will confirm what they are with the help of a geologist.

LargerStonesDrawer      TineiestRocksDrawer

We have made the tiny nests on the tip of a chopstick.  The largest nest here is in the cap of an acorn, which resembles the nest construction of certain swallows.

BirdInBellJar       MiniatureNests


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