The Miniature Herbarium


We collect the specimens on our nature walks with Mr. Dog, then press them in a very cool new kind of press that goes in the microwave.  It takes only 45 seconds instead of a month and the color of the specimens are more true.  The tiny specimens are then attached to artist trading cards with glue and very thin strips of vellum, then labeled as to who, where  and when we found the plants.  We will soon be working with botanist who can help us verify our findings.

These are the strips of vellum which are even tinier than the slides!


And these are our most recent specimens, collected at Sand Lake, where we also saw an Amazing scissortail flycatcher–stay tuned, we’re making a diorama about that beautiful bird!

Herbarium-1 Herbarium-2 Herbarium-3 IMG_3930Herbarium-4 Herbarium-5 Herbarium-6 Herbarium-7 Herbarium-8 Herbarium-9 Herbarium LabelingTheHerbariumMiniatureHerbariumHerbarium-1 Herbarium-3 Herbarium-6 Herbarium-7

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